It’s a new year but I’m the same 

January 1, 2020

Do you find yourself on new year’s eve contemplating your new year’s resolution only to realize it’s the same as last year because you never actually resolved to change? Yea, me too. That can be so frustrating. Some of those resolutions depend on us and some of them depend on others.

It’s often, “I am going to exercise more and eat healthier so I can be stronger and thinner.” Then you work out for a week and see no results and eat ice cream and chocolate until next year. LOL. Maybe you started something big but feel like you sort of left it hanging because you were afraid of failure. Yep, me too!

I remember when I was a little girl, I had a string puppet bird kit. I know, sounds amazing right? hahaha Well, it was a DIY and when it was done you could make it walk with the two sticks and strings attached. Think of a very ugly version of the bird in the movie “UP”. I had it for a while and finally finished putting it all together, gluing feathers and attaching the strings. I remember I was so proud and when I showed it off someone said to me, “OH wow! You finally finished something you started.” Yikes! I didn’t even know that was a thing. I had no idea that I started things and didn’t finish them. That marked me as a child. 

We are all capable of change. I am determined to keep trying to finish the things I’ve started but not just anything. What are the things that matter for eternity? Those are my goals to accomplish this year. What will you finish that you’ve started? You can do it, no matter what is in your past, your future is a fresh start! You can do it! One step at a time. Start with you what you are good at and then as you improve step up to the next level. Move toward the goal with something small every day and do not give up! I am with you, we can do this together! Go! Go! Go! Cheering you on!

With love,
Lisa Shuler

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  1. Riann says:

    Love this! So encouraging!

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